iPhone修理東京港区浜松町アイフォンテック東京港区浜松町本店、内部データはそのままで修理7年目の安心技術。画面の損傷修理金額iPhone7-iPhone6plus-iPhone6s-iPhone6SplusJR浜松町駅北口改札から15秒、iアイフォン無料出張お預りお届けサービスも承っております。京浜急行、京成線、都営地下鉄浅草線、大江戸線の大門駅地上出口B1出口から15秒ラジオ文化放送ビル裏側、浜松町、大門・新橋・田町・品川・三田・汐留・芝浦・港南・神谷町・虎の門・品川、iPhone Tech Tokyo. タッチパネル交換,iPhone充電できない,iPhone水没,iPhoneデータ復元不具合承ります。iーPhoneーTechーTokyo specialized in fix original iphone7,iphone6S,iPhone6plus,iPhoneSE.

iPhone Repair in Japan.iPad Repair in Japan.JAPANESE iPhone Doctor!

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JAPANESE iPhone Doctor!

iPhone Repair in Japan (iPhone 6plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone5)

iPad Repair in Japan (iPad Air 1, iPad Mini 1, iPad Mini 2,iPad 4, iPad 3)

iPhone6 iPhone6plus iPhone5 iPhone5S iPhonee5C iPhone4S iPhone4 iPad-Air iPad-Mini iPad2 iPad3 iPad4 iPod Touch_repair at iPhone-Tech-Tokyo. Adress is 1-20-10-302, Hamamatsu-cyo, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan. iPhoneTechTokyo phone number is 03-6432-4305 (From JR-Hamamatu-cyo station, takes about 1minites by walk).
e-mail adress is info@iphone110.jp

If you need your iPhone Repaired in Japan you have come to the right place. We can fix all iPhone troubles for the lowest price in Japan ¥5800,iPad ¥9800 You can bring your iPhone to our office and we will fix it within one our for you. You can also send it by post and we will send the repaired iPhone back to you the next day.

We can fix any problem on your iPhone from the common broken screen and front glass to bad speaker, broken home button, etc.

To order your iPhone repair please use the contact form above to confirm parts availability and the time if you are coming to our office. Please always let us know your iPhone model, the problem you have and the housing color.

Here is a list of common iPhone problems, if your problem is not listed you can contact us anyway, we can probably fix it.


Front glass broken / digitizer broken repair

Cracked glass or digitizer is the most common issue with all phones. We can replace the cracked glass on your iPhone. Sometimes it touch panel still works even if it is cracked, sometimes the it does not work at all, we can fix it in both cases.

Broken or cracked LCD Screen repair

When you put a lot of pressure or a heavy weight on the iPhone screen it may crack or stop working. We can replace your broken iPhone screen.

Broken loudspeaker / low sound on loudspeaker repair

We have seen a few cases of a broken loudspeaker or a loudspeaker with low sound. Even if you put the volume to the maximum the loudspeaker still rings with a very low volume, varely audible. In this case we can change your iPhone loudspeaker with a brand new one and the volume problem will be fixed.

Broken front camera / broken rear camera / broken flash unit repair

If you iPhone front camera, rear camera or flash stopped working we can replace it, so that you can enjoy taking videos and pictures with your iPhone again.

iPhone stuck on iTunes screen fix

If your iPhone is stuck on iTunes screen we can often fix it without loosing your data or re-installing the firmware. This is a common and annoing problem when you try to upgrade the iPhone firmware. If this happened to your iPhone and you do not hava a backup do not delete everything with a restore install, just send it to us and we will try to fix that without making any changes to your phone.

Broken home button repair

Sometimes the iPhone button still clicks but it is loose and moves. Other times the button does not work at all even if you press on it. Please les us know which of the two problems you are having and contact us to fix your iPhone button.

Broken or loose vibrator repair

We can replace a broken vibrator we can also fix or replace a vibrator that got loose and does not vibrate correctly or makes a strange sound.

Dock connector

After inserting the charging cable many times the power connector of your iPhone (dock connector) may bend or break to the point that it does not take charge or external audio docks do not work. In this case we can replace the doc connector of your iPhone.

Power and lock button

You can not lock the screen or turn off your phone. This is probably because of a bad power button. We can replace your lock button.

Volume button repair

Sometimes the iPhone volume button does not work at all, or only works one way (volume up or volume down). Replace your volume button to fix this annoying issue.

Vibrate ring switch repair

It is normal that the switch breaks after switching it thousands of times. If the ring switch stopped working we can replace it.

Battery Replacement

With time lithium batteries hold less charge. When the battery breaks you may also get a charging error when you try to boot or charge the phone. We can replace your iPhone battery with a brand new powerful battery.

Earpiece speaker repair

If you can not hear anythind during a phone call, that is a bad earspeaker. We can replace and fix your iPhone earspeaker.

Rear panel replacement

If your rear panel is broken or cracked, we can replace it with a new panel.

Lost screws

If you tried to fix your iPhone and lost some screws, we can put those screws back so that you can use your iPhone again.

Smartphone repair and troubleshooting

Fix your mobile phone or tablet PC in Japan now with iPhone-Tech-Tokyo. If you are having
issues with your settings or need some customization, software
installation etc we can also help you with our troubleshooting

We use a low stock system so that we can always
offer the newest parts and best prices. If new parts are needed
to fix your phone there is an average 8 day waiting time. If you
already know which parts you want to change (i.e. screen, battery) we
can order the parts for you and you can give us your phone only when the parts arrive.

you repair your tablet or phone with LoreaTec your data will not be
erased, it will be the same as when you hand the phone to us.

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Fee Notes
Repair Flat Rate ¥7900* Standard Fee for each repair and troubleshooting
(including parts)

*  We charge ¥7900
repair fee including parts for most mobile phone models, however there
are some models with very expensive screens or front panels, in this
case an extra fee is required. We will confirm the price after you tell
us the model of your smartphone. Please do not forget to note your
phone model when you request a repair or price information.

Repair Examples

Service Price
Glass Repair ¥7900
LCD Repair ¥7900
USB Connector Repair ¥7900
Battery Repair ¥7900
Audio Jack Repair  ¥7900
Home Button Repair ¥7900
Speaker Repair ¥8800
Volume Repair ¥8800
Power Button Repair ¥8800
Loudspeaker Repair ¥8800
Tilt Sensor Repair ¥8800
Microphone Repair ¥8800
USB Port Repair ¥8800
Housing Replacement ¥8800
Camera Repair ¥8800
Ear Speaker Repair ¥8800
Vibration Repair ¥7900
Back Cover Replacement ¥8800
Firmware update for Android –  Update iPhone ¥7900
Fix bricked phone, fix boot loop ¥7900
Water Damage Repair ¥7900

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電話予約受付(留守番電話へ可)又は「問い合わせフォーム」から予約申請可 TEL 来店のご予約日時お電話下さい03-6432-4305 当時修理電話予約受付:朝7時~16時まで、お受取19時まで:月~金,祝日営業